• Flood Prevention

    Basement Flooding can be prevented

    Maintaining good drainage on your residential property is an important part of the flood prevention equation – and we're here to help! A flooded yard or basement can cause serious damage to your property, and cost you, the homeowner, time, money and inconvenience.

    Find out how you can protect your home by scheduling a Flood Prevention Assessment. This service brings a drainage specialist to your home, for a free one-on-one interior and exterior drainage assessment. (During peak periods preference is given to homeowners who are located in Chronic Basement Flooding Zones)

  • Backwater Valve

    Sanitary Flow Control

    A backwater valve, also referred to as a backflow preventer, is a device that blocks sewage from passing through the connecting sewer lateral and into a home’s fixtures. Backwater valves offer a reliable means of protecting individual properties from the effects of sewer backups. When installed, used, and maintained properly, they will keep sewage from backing up through plumbing fixtures.

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  • Backflow Preventer

    Cross Connection Control

    The Backflow Prevention Program a state mandated program designed to protect the public's drinking water from contamination by identifying and eliminating cross connections. Industrial, Commercial and Institutional (ICI) properties and some multi-residential properties must install appropriate premise isolation backflow prevention devices (that is, at the connection to the waterworks, downstream of the water meter).

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  • Flood Prevention

    Basement Flooding Safety Tips

    Floodwaters Affect a House in 3 Ways: 1. The water damages materials. Wallboard will disintegrate if it stays wet too long; wood can swell, warp, or rot; electrical parts can short out, malfunction, and cause fires or shock. 2. Mud, silt, and unknown contaminants in the water not only get everything dirty; they are also unhealthy. 3. Dampness promotes the growth of mildew, a mold or fungus that can grow on everything.

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What Could a Flood Cost?

All it takes is a few inches of water to cause major damage to your home and its contents. This interactive tool shows you what a flood to your home could cost, inch by inch.

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Learn about Basement Flooding

Basement flooding is a large and growing problem for residents, municipalities and insurers across Canada. In just the past few years there have been several events that have resulted in basement flooding in both larger and smaller communities across the country. Indeed, almost no community in Canada is immune from basement flooding.

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Videos and other Media

To avoid flood damage in the basement, it's important to take the necessary precautions. These tips from InsuranceHotline.com will help prevent basement floods and avoid damage and home insurance claims.

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Free Protection Tips

Everyone in the community plays a role in helping to prevent basement flooding. If we all take preventative measures, we can make a significant impact in reducing flooding throughout the City.

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Community News

The July 15 rainstorm that dumped up to 88 millimetres of rain on parts of the city resulted in over 500 reports of basement flooding.

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Cleaning Mold

Mold, mildew and bacteria are common following floods and other water damage. If unchecked they can lead to sanitation and health ...

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Sump Pump FAQ

For many homeowners the first line of defense against water in the basement is a sump with a pump in it. The sump may be connected to drain tile that ...

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After the Flood FAQ

The following steps will help you get started in dealing with these problems. Please do the steps in order.Lower the Humidity Everything will ...

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Backwater Valve

A backwater valve is a device that prevents sewage from backing up into your basement. A valve will automatically prevent water from ...

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